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Workplace Accidents In California And Beyond Can Affect Families

A recent tragedy occurred in a workplace at a factory far east of California. One life was lost in the terrible accident. The family of the devoted employee of 17 years remains grief stricken and is seeking answers to their questions in the aftermath of the incident. California families who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents might wish to note the details of the recent case.

The brother-in-law of the man who was killed in the recent workplace accident said that the family has experienced great sorrow, and the absence of the man in the lives of his own children will create a tremendous void in the years to come. The 53-year-old employee, who worked for the same packaging company for 17 years, apparently fell from a scaffold that was erected as a temporary walkway because of construction in his workplace. Sadly, the man's death has only added further grief to a family who recently suffered the death of another loved one, a 22-year-old daughter.

The man's widow has stated that her husband was a loyal employee, and while she does not wish to point fingers of blame at her husband's employers, she does have questions for which she would like answers. Reports indicate that a piece of plywood was placed atop the scaffolding on which her husband was standing at the time of the accident. Apparently, there was not enough plywood to fit the scaffold and a gap was left, causing potential danger and risk to those using it as a walkway. Additionally, the plywood was not fastened to the scaffold in any way to ensure workers' safety.

Workplace accidents in California and elsewhere often affect the family and friends of those injured or killed. Situations involving injuries to workers can become very complicated for families attempting to navigate the system and possibly claim benefits to which they might be entitled. It would seem helpful to consult a work injury lawyer in Bakersfield in such matters to obtain counsel and guidance from a professional who has experience in workers' compensation cases.

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