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Workers' Compensation Re Assault In The Workplace

California workers and those in other states are protected by law with certain rights. In addition to being protected from workplace discrimination or wrongful termination, employees are also guaranteed benefits when they suffer injuries or illness on the job by filing workers' compensation claims. In a recent incident, employees in a state prison were allegedly assaulted while carrying out their duties.

Apparently, an inmate, age 32, is said to have physically attacked two psychiatric technicians in the prison. The technicians were dispensing medication at the time. Reports indicate that one of the workers was hit in the head and face by the man's fists.

The alleged assault ended when three correctional officers came to the rescue of the workers and removed the man in question from the area. Both technicians and two of the officers suffered injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. The man believed to have accosted the workers has reportedly been in prison since 2007.

Any California employee who has been injured on the job and wishes to discuss possible legal options can contact a workers' compensation attorney to arrange a consultation. The process of claiming benefits can sometimes prove complicated, and clarification on state and federal laws, in addition to other important issues, can be provided through experienced legal counsel provided by a reputable Frenso work injury lawyer. Particular situations sometimes warrant the filing of a civil lawsuit outside of any claim made through an employer. An attorney is typically able to assess individual circumstances and help determine the best possible course of action.

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