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Workers' Comp Benefits & Returning to Work

Employees who have been injured at work are entitled to workers’ comp benefits to help them recover and get back to work. However, many people who receive workers’ comp benefits have a lot of questions about returning to work after they have been injured. Below, we answer questions that are commonly asked by injured employees returning to their jobs.

Will I Have a Job When I Return?

Under workers’ comp law, employers do not have to technically hold an employee’s position while they are receiving workers’ compensation benefits. In spite of this, numerous businesses will acknowledge a worker who is coming back from their injury leave. You should speak with your manger about the status of your job before you choose to come back to work.

Will I Be Able to Continue My Treatment When I Return?

Even when you return to work, you should still continue to follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations. Depending on your situation, the cost of continued medical treatments can sometimes be covered by your employer. Under “Intermittent Time Loss,” workers’ compensation benefits can still be paid out after you have returned to your job.

What Should I Do if I Can’t Perform My Job When I Return?

If you worried about your ability to perform your jobs duties upon your return, know that you can request workers’ comp benefits again. You can also ask your boss to change you job temporary if they have another set of job duties that you can perform while you are still recovering. The Worker’s Compensation Board also offer numerous resources to help with new job training and job placement.

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