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Why You Need a Workers' Comp Attorney, Not a Personal Injury Attorney

A workers’ compensation lawyer is not the same thing as a personal injury lawyer. Workers’ comp attorneys focus specifically on workplace injuries. Additionally, a workers comp’s claim is different than filing a personal injury claim. Because of these differences, it is important to hire the right attorney for your case. In this bog, we explain the importance of hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer instead of a personal injury lawyer for workplace accidents.

When Should I Hire A Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

If your injury was sustained at work, you should choose an experienced attorney who is familiar with workers’ compensation law. A workers’ compensation attorney can honestly appraise your case and educate you about any pitfalls in your defense. You should seek legal help if:

  • Your job denies your claim or you are not awarded benefits
  • The settlement offer you receive isn’t enough to cover your medical bills or lost wages
  • You have medical issues that are keeping you from working or affect your ability to perform job duties.
  • Your boss has retaliated or punished you for filing a workers’ comp claim

Insurance companies representing employers have large teams of highly trained lawyers who are supposed to do whatever they can to keep you from receiving fair compensation. Hiring a workers' comp attorney can help shift your case in your favor. Not only can a good lawyer help you with filing all the necessary forms and meet deadlines, they can also obtain important medical evidence and documents that can prove the severity of your injuries. More importantly, a workers' comp attorney can evaluate any settlement offer you receive to ensure you are compensated fairly.

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