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What To Do After Workplace Accidents In California

California workers have the reasonable right to assume that their workplace environments are maintained in such a way that the safety of workers is protected. They should also receive proper training and instruction for any task or duty they are asked to perform on the job. Even under the best circumstances, however, workplace accidents sometimes still happen.

The aftermath of a workplace accident can be very stressful for a family. The injured person might have become incapacitated. Additionally, ongoing medical treatment might bring undue financial stress upon a household. The lawyers at the office of Todd Berry, APC, have a combined experience of more than 120 years. They are dedicated to helping injured workers obtain the benefits they deserve.

Immediately following an accident in the workplace, an injured person should seek medical assistance and treatment if necessary. He or she also has 30 days to report the incident to his or her employer. Workers will want to note that certain specific information must be included in a report in order to qualify for benefits.

Employees in California can take comfort in knowing that attorneys at Todd Berry, APC, are prepared to help them throughout the entire process of filing a benefits claim. We understand how overwhelmingly stressful circumstances can become following workplace accidents. Our Frenso workers compensation lawyers can help an injured worker assess his or her options and determine the full amount of benefits to which he or she might be entitled. Scheduling an initial consultation through our office would be a logical first step to take in seeking advice and guidance when preparing to file a workers' compensation claim.

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