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Studies Link Chemical Disinfectants to Thyroid Cancer

A recent study has shown that people who are occupationally exposed to chemicals like sanitizers, deodorizers, disinfectants, and sterilizers (biocides) may have an up to 65 percent higher risk than other people of developing thyroid cancer. Biocides are primarily used in jobs in the medical and cleaning fields, including healthcare providers, building cleaning workers, and home health and psychiatric aides.

The study looked at 462 adults who had thyroid cancer in 2010 and 2011 and compared them to 498 similar adults around the same age who did not have thyroid cancer. The study revealed that women with occupational exposure to biocides more 48 percent more likely than other women to develop thyroid cancer, while the odds for men are more than triple. Scientists believe that the biocide chemicals alter thyroid hormones involved with metabolism and growth.

Although scientists are not certain what causes thyroid cancer, the odds of developing thyroid cancer is more common in white people than other racial or ethnic groups and also is more likely to affect people with certain genetic disorders and who have been exposed to high amounts of radiation.

Pesticides were not found to carry the same risk as biocides.

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