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Stressing Safety To Prevent Industrial Workers' Accidents

Many California employers conduct workshops and other events to reiterate the need to make safety a priority to their employees. Especially in businesses that work in construction or other manual labor that uses heavy machinery, "safety first" is a typical motto, yet not always followed. Fatal industrial workers' accidents continue to occur throughout the nation, often leaving those who survive grief-stricken.

One such incident occurred recently in a state along the East Coast. Sadly, a 61-year-old worker was killed in the terrible accident. Apparently, he was working for a mine company and became trapped in the path of a bulldozer.

The industrial machine reportedly ran over the worker, leaving colleagues and employers shocked and dismayed. A spokesperson for the company said that no such tragedy had ever occurred on that site. She said that they were still not sure how it had happened. She also stated that the mine company continually encourages the highest level of safety standards among its employees, and that -- if needed -- a formal investigation into the worker's death would be launched. Of course, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration typically investigates all fatal workplace accidents.

California employees who have been injured in industrial workers' accidents may have ongoing need for medical care or physical therapy. These types of treatments are typically very expensive. Such employees usually receive workers' compensation benefits after filing the appropriate claims through their employers. Some situations are complicated, and it is typically advisable to seek legal guidance before pursuing the matter. A Bakersfield work injury attorney would know what to do if an employer or insurance company attempts to deny a claim.

Source:, "Deputies: Man, 61, killed in industrial accident", Francesca Amiker, April 11, 2016

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