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Some California Industrial Workers' Accidents Result In Deaths

Members of a family in California were left grieving the loss of their husband and father after a horrific tragedy occurred in the tuna factory where he worked. When industrial workers' accidents result in death, there are sometimes grounds for prosecution and legal claims beyond the typical course of workers' compensation. Such was the case in the aftermath of this tragic accident.

The incident took place at a Bumble Bee Foods factory in 2012. A 62-year-old worker became trapped inside a 35-foot-long pressure-cooking oven that was turned on at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The man's co-worker thought he was in the bathroom at the time. He proceeded to load the oven with six tons of tuna, not realizing that his colleague was inside the huge appliance.

In the aftermath of the man's slow, torturous demise, several were prosecuted for violations of Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations that led to a person's death. The man's family is slated to receive a settlement payment of $1.5 million. Millions of dollars worth of safety upgrades have also been mandated, and the Bumble Bee Foods company incurred substantial fines. The company's operations director and safety manager also received fines as well as criminal prosecutions that included probation and community service.

Other industrial workers' accidents have involved tragic occurrences that have resulted in severe injury or death to a worker. In California, there are legal professionals available who are experiences in cases involving accidents in the workplace and workers' compensation. Especially with regard to cases that lead to criminal prosecution, issues can become quite complex and complicated; those involved would typically benefit from acting under the guidance of an experienced attorney.

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