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Some California Employees Suffer Falls In Workplace Accidents

In California and throughout the United States, jobs and workplace environments are diverse, each with varying amount of risks or hazards present. Some types of work obviously pose more risk than others. In all types of employment environments, however, workplace accidents sometimes involve falls that result in personal injuries to employees.

Suffering from a fall in an occupational setting continues to be a hazard found in many, if not all, workplaces in the nation. Some workers have fallen while simply walking from one place to another, while others have suffered tragic accidents by falling from extremely high ground during the normal course of their workplace duties. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor list 605 deaths in 2009 suffered by employees in work settings in the United States.

It was also suggested that the construction industry showed the highest number of fall-related deaths. The health industry was listed as having the most non-fatal fall-related workplace injuries. Certain hazards are often present when a fall takes place on the job. Slippery floors, cluttered areas and unstable walking surfaces are among the most common hazards found to coincide with falls suffered by workers.

It has been noted that improving safety for employees in all working environments might be achieved through education of the workforce, as well as an implementation of new prevention and protection technologies. If employees in California suffer falls in workplace accidents, they are protected by law with the right to claim compensation benefits that are designed to aid injured employees in order to pay medical bills, replace lost wages or help with other expenses associated with an accident. Depending upon the circumstances and events leading up to a fall in the workplace, a worker might wish to seek legal counsel in the matter before attempting to file a claim for benefits or pursue legal action with a Fresno work injury lawyer outside of the workplace if a situation warrants it.

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