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Skin Disorders & Workers' Compensation

Not all injuries sustained on the job consist of broken bones, bruises, or sprains. Oftentimes, workers can develop disorders or disease that take time to produce symptoms. As long as you are able to link your condition back to your job duties or work environment, it should be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are not just for one-time incidents, so make sure you are aware of your rights and file a workers’ compensation claim as soon as you are aware of your condition.

Below are some of the skin conditions that are commonly covered by workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Dermatitis: This is a condition that involves inflammation of the skin, which results in symptoms that range from minor redness to blisters with fluid discharge. Dermatitis can be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals and is generally curable. However, it can become a much more severe condition if one experiences long-term exposure to such chemicals.
  • Hives: Hives are a type of skin rash that is triggered by a vast range of things, including food or medication, resulting in itchy red welts on the surface of a person’s skin. This condition can suddenly appear and last for days or even weeks. In the workplace, hives are often caused by harmful chemicals or even overexposure to sunlight, and can be worsened with high physical and mental stress.
  • Skin cancer: This is the most common form of cancer in the country and, unfortunately, many cases of it are caused by outdoor occupations, such as agricultural work. This condition, which is incredibly expensive to treat, is characterized by abnormal growth of skin cells in certain areas of the skin that are exposed to either excessive amounts of sun or dangerous chemicals.

While these conditions are covered by workers’ compensation, proving that it was caused by your occupation or work environment can prove to be difficult, so it is imperative that you hire a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out on your chance to receive these important benefits.

Do You Have a Work Related Skin Condition?

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