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Seeking Legal Help After California Industrial Workers' Accidents

In an incident that took place in a state outside California, a longshoreman has filed a legal claim after suffering bodily injury on the job. Industrial workers' accidents such as this one sometimes result in third party legal claims being filed. The worker pursuing the recent legal claim has asserted that vessel owners' negligence led to his injuries.

The man was working as a longshoreman on a vessel where cargo was being discharged. He and fellow workers were standing on a dock, working with the cargo. Another employee reportedly began operating a huge crane nearby.

Apparently, the crane operator swung a large spreader bar over the area where the men were standing. He allegedly lowered the bar, which rapidly dropped to the dock before the man could get out of the way. The bar hit the dock and also struck the man's lower leg and ankle. He reportedly suffered multiple compound fractures as a result of the accident.

The federal lawsuit asserts several acts of negligence against the vessel owners, including failure to properly train and oversee crew members and failing to keep equipment in reasonably safe working condition. In California, there are legal professionals who have experience guiding workers through the legal process when they choose to file third party legal claims. It is advisable to act under the guidance of a Bakersfield workers compensation attorney, who can help identify potential sources of liability and offer sound legal counsel and act on behalf of injured workers in the aftermath of industrial workers' accidents.

Source:, "Texas longshoreman alleges negligence in accident aboard vessel", Robbie Hargett, Nov. 12, 2015

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