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Recycling Plant Outside California Fined For Workplace Accidents

Employers are obligated to provide safe working environments and proper training for their employees. Workers in California and beyond often perform duties that involve a certain amount of risk; however, they may reasonably expect that their employers have provided for their safety as best as possible. Workplace accidents due to hazards in the workplace sometimes result in serious injury or even death.

Three workers at a recycling business were recently injured when an accident occurred involving the power at the plant. The employees were reportedly cleaning the screens inside a cylindrical trommel at the time. The power to the machine was unexpectedly turned on while the workers were carrying out their duties.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration stated that the company failed to write out the proper procedures necessary to lock down the machine's power supply to prevent unintended starts. OSHA has issued 12 violations against the company and a $119,000 fine. The area director said that the serious injuries suffered by the three workers were entirely preventable.

Those who survive workplace accidents in California and other states often have need of emergency medical care. Workers filing claims for benefits may run into challenges that necessitate a need for legal assistance. Workers' compensation lawyers in Bakerfield may be able to provide clarification on the legal issues and offer guidance to help injured workers get the benefits to which they are entitled. In certain circumstances, there may be grounds for filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

Source:, "$119k Fine for New York Recycler After 3 Seriously Injured Trommel", Ben Messenger, Jan. 12, 2016

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