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Reasons Employers Dispute Workers' Comp Claims

There is a multitude of reasons why an employer would dispute a workers’ compensation claim, but it all essentially revolves around one thing – money. Employers pay premiums in order to provide workers’ compensation benefits, which are directly affected when an injured worker files for benefits, resulting in higher insurance premiums. As such, employers sometimes try to wiggle their way out of having to pay an injured employee the benefits they need after sustaining an injury on the job.

Other reasons why an employer might dispute a workers’ compensation claim include:

  • Employer bias: Oftentimes, employers simply do not believe some injuries are serious or even valid, especially those that are cumulative, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or lumbar back injuries. They tend to assume that these claims are dishonest and based entirely on financial gain. In cases where injuries involve inexplicable pain that cannot be confirmed or verified by medical examinations, the veracity of these claims is even more heavily questioned.
  • Location of the injury: If an employee was hurt while at work, but not at his or her regular place of employment, or he or she is required to travel for work, it can be difficult to prove that the claim is valid and the employee is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.
  • You did not seek medical treatment for the injury: It is not uncommon for an individual to feel fine after sustaining an injury or for symptoms to take time before they begin to surface and cause discomfort. However, you should not wait for symptoms to appear before you finally visit the doctor. No matter how well you feel, seeking medical treatment in the aftermath of a workplace accident is crucial since it creates a record of the incident and your injuries. If you fail to seek medical treatment, your employer might argue that you were not really hurt since you did not feel it was necessary to visit your doctor. Additionally, visiting a doctor can protect your health and prevent the possibility of permanent damage or a prolonged recovery if it turns out that you are injured.
  • You did not need to take time off for your injury: While this might be a reason your employer will try to use to dispute your claim, this is generally not enough to keep you from receiving the benefits you deserve. Workers’ compensation covers medical expenses, including prescription medication, and is not exclusively applicable to those who have to miss time from work due to their injuries.

Has Your Employer Disputed Your Workers Compensation Claim?

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