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Mulitple Workplace Accidents Have Occurred In Same Building

When a building undergoes construction, there is always a risk to workers and others in the area. In California and elsewhere, property owners and companies contracting work must consider the safety of employees on the premises. Workplace accidents remain a problem in some areas and are often caused by a failure to adhere to safety guidelines.

At one building, where construction is ongoing to convert the current structure into apartment complexes, there were two accidents within a week. One of them resulted in a fatality, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has responded by launching an investigation into the death. On a recent Friday, a 39-year-old fell to his death down an elevator shaft on the construction project.

The other incident sent a man to the hospital with injuries. It happened when a man fell from a ladder in the building where the construction work was taking place. Police and fire units were called to the scene.

No further information was reported regarding the condition of the man who fell from the ladder. In similar workplace accidents in California, those injured on the job are typically entitled to benefits through the workers' compensation insurance program. These benefits can help injured workers pay medical bills, as well as replace lost wages when their injuries prevent them from returning to their job duties -- whether temporarily or otherwise. Depending upon the circumstances of a workplace accident, however, the details involved in filing a claim can sometimes be complicated; therefore, it is typically beneficial to ask for professional assistance by contacting an experienced Fresno workers compensation attorney.

Source:, "Another workplace accident at Boury Building", Jan. 19, 2016

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