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Industrial Workers' Accidents Sometimes Lead To OSHA Fines

Employers in California and throughout the United States are obligated by law to provide safe working environments for their employees. Such obligations include the necessity to provide proper training for any given position, as well as maintain all machines and equipment so that they are safe to use on the job. An employer's failure to keep workers safe can result in industrial workers' accidents that cause potentially severe injuries to employees.

A recent incident in another state occurred when a worker was injured while working inside a water tower. At the time, he was apparently vacuuming debris while two colleagues used xylene-based paint to spray the tower's interior. The man using the vacuuming was severely injured when he fell to a platform beneath him.

An Occupational Safety and Health Administration official said that the man's injuries were entirely preventable. The director further stated that the man's employer failed to provide adequate fall protection to the employee. Thus, the company was issued a fine exceeding $170,000.

Industrial workers' accidents can render California employees unable to continue to perform their duties on the job. Severe injuries can lead to a need for long-term medical care which can further burden a worker due to mounting medical costs. Though workers are typically provided with benefits that can be used to help pay medical bills and replace lost wages, in some situations, the process becomes quite complicated and a worker determines the need to seek legal help in the matter. An experienced workers' compensation lawyer from Bakersfield would typically be able to offer guidance in such circumstances.

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