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How Fatigue Can Lead to Workplace Injuries

Many people are not aware of the fact that fatigue is a serious safety issues, particularly in the workplace. While most people are aware that June is National Safety Month, many people forget that one’s physical state is dependent on his or her energy levels. A lack of sleep, united with overworking oneself, is a potentially fatal combination.

Fatigue is defined as the body’s response to sleep deprivation, as well as a lengthy physical or mental stretch of hard work. Fatigue is often a result of long work hours, a heavy workload, lack of sleep, various medical conditions, and other environmental factors. If you have suffered from an injury or accident as a result of fatigue, our Bakersfield workers’ compensation lawyers want to help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

If you are being overworked without adequate breaks or opportunities to recharge, your employer may be responsible. While your employer may feel as though he or she is getting the most out of you by having you work to the bone, quite the opposite effect takes place. In fact, you will have a slower reaction time, make more errors, and experience a decrease in your cognitive abilities. Fatigue is far more likely to occur if you work in harsh environmental conditions, such as working outside, noisy conditions, or mentally stressful tasks for extended periods of time.

Unfortunately, the way shift work is handled in the United States leads to countless injuries, some fatal--which is why the National Safety Council has launched an initiative on fatigue in the workplace, focusing on providing real-life solutions such as promoting the importance of sleep, breaks, consistent scheduling, and lessening the burden of overnight shifts.

Injured Due To Fatigue?

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