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Fatal Workplace Accidents: Mechanic Servicing Ambulance Killed

Throughout the nation, people face a certain amount of risk when they report to work each day. Some jobs, of course, bear a higher level of danger than others. Also, there are some workplace accidents that are caused by lack of adherence to safety standards or other negligence on the part of an employer. In worst cases, fatalities sometimes result when an accident has occurred in the workplace; such was the case in a recent incident reported in a mechanic shop outside California.

A 32-year-old man who was married and the father of two, one daughter born and another baby due in December, was involved in a tragic accident at the truck service center where he was employed. He worked as a mechanic and was apparently checking the system for a leak on a volunteer fire department ambulance. As is common for vehicle mechanics, he was underneath the ambulance, in between the wheel and body of the vehicle.

It was later reported that the suspension system seems to have failed, causing the heavy ambulance to drop and entrap the mechanic under its weight. His colleagues were able to pull him out before emergency workers arrived; sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities have stated that they will continue to investigate the fatal workplace accident.

In similar cases in California, the spouses and other dependents of those killed in workplace accidents are typically entitled to receive compensation benefits to help pay medical bills, funeral costs and replace lost wages. In certain circumstances, a workers' compensation attorney could also assess whether viable third party civil court claims exist. A first logical step to take if considering filing a claim would be to contact an experienced workers' comp lawyer in the Fresno area.

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