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Failure To Report Workplace Accidents Can Lead To Citations

Employers are obligated to provide safe working environments for employees. In addition to ensuring that work areas are clear of hazardous conditions, proper training and supervision must be provided for every worker, no matter what job is being done. When workplace accidents occur in California or other states, it is very important that those in authority obey the law with regard to reporting the incidents.

Failure to properly report a workplace accident sometimes leads to citations against a company. In a recent incident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stated that one company is in violation of federal law for its failure to report an accident that resulted in injuries to three employees. In addition to being cited for 11 safety violations, the company has incurred a monetary penalty of more than $100,000. Two of those injured were temporary employees assigned to the warehouse and repacking facility.

The accident occurred when 30 pallets loaded with glass bottles filled with a coffee beverage tumbled onto the workers in the area. One of them became trapped underneath the debris and had to be rescued. The three injured employees were all hospitalized from their injuries. However, the employer that was officially in charge of overseeing the workers apparently never reported the injuries to OSHA, which federal law requires.

An OSHA representative explained that federal law demands an employer to report a worker's injury within 24 hours of an accident. The complications that may arise when an incident goes unreported can create many legal challenges for injured workers. Those who are trying to recover after workplace accidents in California do not want the stress of having to fight for benefits to which they may be entitled. Handling such situations alone may prove quite difficult; seeking legal assistance from an experienced workers' compensation lawyer in Bakersfield may help alleviate some of that stress.

Source:, "Federal agency cites firm in Springfield for workplace injuries, conditions", Gene Hartley, Brett Onstott, Dec. 22, 2015

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