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Exxon Mobil Named In Industrial Workers' Accidents In California

A California regulator was recently awarded a substantial sum, to be paid by a corporation in the aftermath of a refinery accident. More than $500,000 in penalties were ordered paid after an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the state. It was reported that Exxon Mobil was cited for 19 safety and health violations in the investigation. Industrial workers' accidents are sometimes caused due to the negligence of company owners.

The February accident involved an explosion in a refinery. The citations that OSHA issued are considered very serious. This is because the factory accident could have resulted in severe injury, even death.

Six of the citations against the company were reportedly listed as, "willful," meaning that the company took no measures to ensure to safety and did not appropriately secure the safe working conditions of the facility. The huge blast took place in a California Exxon Mobil facility. Four company workers were injured when hydrocarbon was released from gasoline producing equipment.

It has been suggested that the company was aware of the leaking vapors but did nothing to protect the workers in the area. In the aftermath of the incident, the Exxon cracker unit was ordered closed until such time that the company can prove that operations are safe for employees. There have been several industrial workers' accidents reported at the same facility, leading to two investigations by authorities. Workers injured in similar circumstances in California workplaces have the right to seek legal consultation in the matter in order to determine what options are available insofar as claiming compensation benefits and/or filing a claim in civil court.

Source:, "Exxon Mobil Corporation Pays Half A Million Dollar Penalty To California Regulator", Micheal Kaufman, Aug. 14, 2015

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