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Construction Workers' Accidents Sometimes Involve Bystanders

On rare occasions, accidents that occur at construction sites sometimes involve bystanders. Construction workers' accidents continue to plague California and other states, many times due to management negligence. Typically, those who survive on-the-job injuries are able to claim benefits through workers' compensation that can be used to pay medical bills and replace lost wages. In situations where an accident has caused injury to a non-worker, a civil lawsuit is sometimes filed in order to seek restitution for damages.

In a recent court ruling, a man who became permanently disabled from injuries suffered on a construction site was awarded $1.1 million, to be paid by the owner of the private lake property where the work was taking place. The 65-year-old man was apparently assisting workers on-site when heavy equipment being used on the job collapsed. The legal claim filed in the aftermath of the accident stated that he suffered serious injuries, including a crushed chest, as well as injuries to his ribs and spine.

The court ruled that the injured man was partially responsible for his own injuries, though the specific details were not reported. Thus, the available damages for which he was entitled to receive compensation was limited to $1million. The man's attorney issued a public statement saying that his client is very satisfied with the court's decision.

Construction workers' accidents are often tragic, and California workers and residents have the right to seek justice when they are injured on a job site. These situations can be complicated due to the various laws that govern such matters. It is understandable that one might have questions regarding how best to proceed under the circumstances. A call to an experienced workers compensation attorney in Bakersfield can help an injured person obtain answers and guidance.

Source:, "Man hurt in construction accident to get $1 million, Orangeburg jury says", John Monk, Jan. 15, 2016

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