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Construction Workers' Accidents Often Involve Structure Collapses

California construction workers are familiar with the many safety risks inherent to their line of work. Construction workers' accidents caused by structure collapses, equipment malfunction or other workplace mishaps often lead to serious injuries that require long-term recoveries. Typically, employees injured in the normal course of duty in the workplace can file compensation claims through their employers to receive benefits that can help pay medical bills and replace lost wages.

In some situations, an injured worker may become aware that an employer or other party has been deemed negligent in connection with an accident. In such circumstances, there may be grounds for injured workers to file legal claims in civil court in order to seek full recovery for their losses. Employees are advised to consult an experienced workers' compensation attorney if they are considering filing such a claim.

One worker was severely injured recently when he and his fellow crew members were working on a construction project at a courthouse in another state. The crew was apparently installing a new set of stairs inside the building. Just after 1 p.m., rescue dispatchers received a call that a wall had collapsed and had fallen on top of a construction worker.

It took rescuers almost a full 30 minutes to extricate the fallen worker from the rubble. He was taken to a nearby medical center with severe head trauma and other injuries, he was then later flown to another facility. Those in California who have suffered in similar construction workers' accidents in Bakersfield may want to discuss their situations with an attorney knowledgeable in employment law to explore their options and obtain help in determining how best to proceed to receive the maximum amount of benefits and recovery to which they may be entitled.

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