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Construction Workers' Accidents Often Involve Heavy Equipment

Construction sites in California and elsewhere often have posted signs warning others of potential danger. Various things may pose potential hazards on a construction site, including heavy pieces of equipment or strewn debris. Construction workers' accidents often result in serious injuries to workers when equipment fails or other situations occur that compromise safety on a job site.

Injured employees can file compensation insurance claims to collect benefits that can be used to help pay medical bills and replace lost wages. There is a certain protocol to follow when filing a claim, beginning with reporting an incident to an employer. Many times, workers have faced situations where their claims are denied. In such circumstances, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from an experienced attorney.

Recently, a tragedy occurred in Southern California when a worker suffered serious injuries in a crane accident. Rescue workers transported the injured man to a local hospital for care. Sadly, he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving there.

When construction workers' accidents result in fatalities, immediate family members of victims may have legal questions regarding whether they may be entitled to receive workers' compensation death benefits. This is where a work injury lawyer in Bakersfield, CA may be of assistance. There have also been instances where it was determined that there were grounds for a civil lawsuit apart from any compensation claims filed. For a situation to warrant a civil claim being filed, there would have to be evidence of some sort of third party negligence for which the court may hold another party liable.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "SoCal Contractor Worker Killed in West Hollywood Crane Accident", Heather Navarro, Accessed on March 28, 2016

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