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Construction Workers' Accidents Leave Families In Mourning

A tragedy occurred recently when two men were killed on the job at a construction site outside of California. Construction workers' accidents sometimes happen due to negligence or hazardous working conditions. In this case, a grieving family member said that one of the men tried his best to pull the other out of harm's way.

The two men were standing side-by-side at their workplace. The men, ages 49 and 55, were workers on a drainage project. Tragically, while they were standing together at the project site, a nearby hydraulic excavator apparently struck a power line. This, in turn, caused the ground underneath their feet to become energized. Both of the men died of electrocution.

A daughter of one of the men remembered her father as a very loving and hard-working man. She said that he tried to save the life of his co-worker that day. Sadly, the families of both men were left grieving their tremendous losses.

In California and elsewhere, some jobs pose higher risks of personal danger than others. However, workers have the right to reasonably assume that their employers and co-workers will do all that is necessary in order to maintain the highest possible levels of safety standards and professionalism on the job. In cases in which negligence has resulted in bodily injuries, or, in worse cases, deaths, workers' compensation is available to help cover medical bills and replace lost wages, if needed. Immediate family members who have suffered the untimely deaths of a loved ones in construction workers' accidents also have the right to file for workers' compensation death benefits.

Source:, "Family members remember construction worker killed in accident", Jessica Albert, Sept. 30, 2015

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