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Common Workplace Injuries

Workers are at risk of a number of workplace injuries. Even the safest work environments can still be subject to accidents, and the resulting injuries can vary greatly. Here are the top ten most common work-related injuries.

10. Workplace Violence

Disputes over office politics or other arguments can lead to physical attacks, which may cause serious injury. Employees should receive workplace violence training, and employees should be encouraged to watch for and report suspicious behavior, which can help prevent these incidents.

9. Repetitive Motion Injuries

While one of the less obvious injuries, repetitive motion injuries can deal a great amount of harm over many years. Typing, heavy computer use, and other repetitive motions can strain muscles and tendons, leading to pain, vision issues, and even loss of movement. Ergonomic solutions and employee training can help prevent these injuries.

8. Machine Entanglement

Common in workplaces with heavy equipment and machinery, these types of injuries occur when clothing, shoes, hair, jewelry, or body parts become entangled in machinery. These injuries can be prevented by wearing appropriate clothing and protective wear, implementing policies to prevent entanglement, and installing safety stops where they are accessible.

7. Vehicle Accidents

For employees who drive as a part of their duties, car accidents can easily cause injury. Drivers should be trained in safe driving and defensive driving techniques. Employers should implement safety policies to help prevent distraction and accidents.

6. Walking Into Accidents

These injuries occur when a worker walks into a wall, door, window, cabinet, or other objects. Workers may sustain foot, joint, back, and head injuries, as well as scrapes, bruises, and other minor injuries. Employee diligence can help prevent these accidents, but employers can focus on keeping the workplace free from hazards as well.

5. Falling Object Injuries

Objects can fall from shelves or work surfaces, be dropped by another person, or break off and fall. These falling objects can cause severe injuries for those that are below, especially head trauma. Employers should focus on preventing hazardous situations, properly securing equipment, and enforcing the use of appropriate protective gear, such as hard hats.

4. Reaction Injuries

These are common injuries that can occur in almost any setting, but may occur as a result of dangerous conditions. Reaction injuries are injuries such as strained muscles, body trauma, and sprains that result from slipping or tripping, but not falling. Cleaning up tripping and slipping hazards can prevent these injuries.

3. Falling From Heights

Construction workers and others who work any distance off the ground are at an increased risk for a fall. Rooves, stairs, ladders, scaffolding, and lifts are elevated areas from which workers may fall. Proper use of personal protection gear and employee training can help reduce the risk of these incidents.

2. Slipping or Tripping

Wet or slippery floors are one cause of slipping or tripping injuries. Unsecured cables, dropped objects, or blocked walkways can also cause these injuries. Employee diligence can help prevent falls, but employers can also enforce policies that encourage workers to clean up spills and other dangerous situations immediately.

1. Overexertion Injuries

Injuries related to pulling, pushing, lifting, holding, carrying, and throwing activities may be considered overexertion injuries. This is one of the most expensive types of workplace injuries, and may take years to appear. Employees should wear braces and other protective equipment, and use ergonomic solutions whenever possible.

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