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California Workplace Accidents Sometimes Lead To Trials

When a worker has suffered injury on the job and believes an employer to have been negligent in some way, a legal claim may be filed in civil court. This type of legal action takes place outside of any workers' compensation claim that may be ongoing in such cases. Often, legal situations associated with workplace accidents are settled out of court; however, in some California cases and others throughout the nation, a matter may be taken to trial and resolved with a verdict rendered by a judge or jury.

In an incident that has not yet been resolved, an injured worker has apparently won a judgment in the state's supreme court. The $7.5 million ruling is being appealed by the county named as a defendant in the case. The man's leg was reportedly seriously injured in an on-the-job accident in 2008.

Apparently, the union laborer was riding in the back of a flatbed truck when an unsecured pile of windows weighing approximately 300 pounds fell on top of his leg. He suffered a permanent injury. His attorney has stated that the man tried to resolve the situation out of court, but the county insisted on a trial and is now trying to avoid the verdict.

Workplace accidents happen every day across the nation. When an injured California worker needs assistance filing a workers' compensation claim or believes that there are grounds for a lawsuit, that worker can request a consultation with an experienced attorney in the area. A skilled Fresnco work injury attorney can investigate the situation and help the employee examine all the available options that could allow him or her to obtain the full amount of compensation warranted by the situation.

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