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California Workplace Accidents In Agriculture

California is one of many agricultural areas in the nation. Like other states with vast open fields and rich farm land, it is a huge industry that provides many jobs and contributes significantly to the economy. However, it is also a potentially dangerous industry with heavy machinery and other potential hazards that can lead to workplace accidents if poor training or negligence exists.

A worker has the reasonable right to assume that his or her employer has taken all necessary measures to keep the workplace safe. If an employee is injured during the normal course of duty on the job, he or she is typically entitled to file a claim for benefits to pay medical bills and replace lost wages. In certain circumstances, workers determine that there are grounds to pursue a legal claim in a civil court.

Various practices and oversights can turn a farm into a pit of danger for workers. An industrial consultant instructed one employer to set up an eyewash station, in case a worker was burned with the bleach they used to disinfect their huge machines. The same employer was told that he needed to implement something that would keep his workers from falling off of moving trailers when picking vegetables.

Even if employers do their best to keep their farms safe for employees, workplace accidents sometimes occur. Injuries from heavy machinery and other farm equipment can be very serious and cause severe, if not permanent bodily harm. In California, there are workers' compensation lawyers in Bakersfield who are able to assist injured workers and their families as they seek benefits to which they may be entitled.

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