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California Workers' Compensation With Regard To Cancer Patients

It has been estimated that approximately 48,000 cancer patients in California and throughout the United States become ill due to occupational exposure to carcinogens every year. When a person is injured or becomes ill in the workplace, he or she is typically eligible to receive workers' compensation to help pay medical bills and replace lost wages. It has been noted that there are various factors that play significant roles in the development of cancers in humans, and research is being conducted to study the relationship between existing cancers and employees' exposure to known carcinogens on the job.

When studying risks and potential causes of cancer, a person's age, gender and race are typically taken into account. The question of whether there is a family history of cancer in a patient's background might also be asked in cases of research. The personal habits of a cancer patient, such as diet and whether a person smokes, are examined, along with determining whether the individual has been exposed to cancer-causing agents in the environment or workplace.

Surprisingly, less than 2 percent of chemicals in the nation are tested for the presence of carcinogens. It has been mentioned that occupational exposure causes approximately 4 to 10 percent of cancers each year. Some say that most of these exposures are entirely preventable.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is said to be currently reviewing its policies regarding exposure limits and risk management practices. Anyone in California who believes that he or she has become ill from exposure to toxins in the workplace has the right to seek legal consultation with an experienced Fresno workers comp attorney. When an illness prevents someone from returning to the workplace, whether in the short range or on a long-term basis, workers' compensation benefits might be able to be claimed.

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