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California Construction Workers' Accidents Result of Safety Issues

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous fields of employment in the nation. There are various risks inherent in many of the duties associated with such work. California construction workers' accidents are often safety-related. As in all other states, employers are obligated to reasonably ensure the safety of workers by providing a workplace free of unnecessary hazards and appropriate training of all employees.

A tragedy occurred recently at a construction site in another state. The project was in its beginning stages in an area where the ground had apparently been softened from rain that had fallen over the weekend. Rescuers were called to the scene when an employee was reported missing on the job.

It was believed that the man had been operating an excavator in a retention pond at the site. Divers used sonar technology under water after finding the massive machine sunk below its cab level in the pond. Sadly, their search uncovered the body of the man who had been operating the equipment. The deceased 58-year-old worker's identity was not released to the public.

The employer indicated that said the company is investigating the tragic accident. Reportedly, all company operations were being suspended until the investigation is complete. Fatal construction workers' accidents are tragic under any circumstances, and California workers and families are understandably devastated when they occur. When a death has occurred, a spouse or other immediate family member of a deceased worker often has need of legal guidance with regard to filing a claim for workers' compensation benefits and/or determining whether grounds exist for a civil lawsuit, including third party negligence claims.

Source:, "Body of construction worker found after excavator sinks in pond", Anoushah Rasta, Dec. 14, 2015

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