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02 Feb

How Social Media Can Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Many of us engage in social media these days and even utilize several different platforms to share our thoughts, activities, photos, and more. Given how common it is, most never even consider the ramifications of post their vacation photos to Facebook,…

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29 Jan

The Workers' Compensation Process in Fresno

Our Lawyers Assist You from Start to Finish When you have been injured on the job and want to pursue benefits, contact Berry, Smith & Bartell, a Professional Law Corporation for help. Retaining a Fresno workers' compensation lawyer as early as possible…

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28 Jan

Types of Workers' Compensation Injuries in Fresno

Our Attorneys Are on Your Side Workplace accidents can include falls, getting struck by an object, car accidents, or getting caught between equipment. Whether you work at a construction site, factory, or in an office, work-related injuries are common.…

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24 Jan

Rights of Injured Workers in Fresno

Injured on the Job? Our Lawyers can Protect Your Best Interests! Suffering an on-the-job injury can be not only extremely painful, but also highly stressful. If you have sustained an injury which has left you with considerable medical bills and a long…

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22 Jan

Fresno Workers' Compensation Benefits

Our Firm Is Prepared to Walk You Through the Process If you have been injured on the job, it is imperative that you understand your rights and options to pursue the compensation your family needs during this difficult time. There are additional benefits…

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20 Jan

Medical Treatment in Fresno

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys with 130 Years of Combined Experience After you have been injured on-the-job, it is important that you receive all of the medical treatment necessary to make a full recovery. If you are wondering how to pay for this treatment,…

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15 Jan

Fresno Employer's Responsibilities in Compensation Claims

our Employer Must Have Insurance or Be Held Criminally Responsible When you have been injured on the job, you are required to report the injury as early as possible to your employer, either immediately after it occurred, or as soon as you learn that…

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12 Jan

Reasons Employers Dispute Workers' Comp Claims

There is a multitude of reasons why an employer would dispute a workers’ compensation claim, but it all essentially revolves around one thing – money. Employers pay premiums in order to provide workers’ compensation benefits, which are directly affected…

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