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28 Oct

Problems with Returning to Work Too Soon After an Injury

After a workplace injury, one question many workers have as bills pile up is: when can I get back to work? While it is understandable why employees want to get back to work, going back too soon can be a bad idea for a few reasons. Sometimes a doctor…

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22 Oct

Potential Problems with Changing Workers’ Comp Lawyers After You Already Hired One

If an injured worker is unhappy with his or her workers’ compensation attorney, he or she may be able to hire a new one. However, while there are some legitimate reasons to be dissatisfied with an attorney, sometimes clients are unhappy about things that…

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07 Oct

Workers’ Compensation for Amputation Injuries

An amputation is one of the most catastrophic injuries that can occur in the workplace. Victims are left permanently disabled and will probably never be able to work in the same capacity as they did before. Workers’ compensation benefits for these injuries…

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26 Sep

How Long Can the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Process Take?

After a work injury, workers may feel impatient about obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, and for good reason. However, your initial claim may be rejected, forcing you to appeal if you want to have a chance of receiving benefits. Below, learn more…

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19 Sep

How a Heart Attack Victim May Be Eligible for Workers’ Compensation

People who suffer heart attacks were often at risk because of genetic factors. Heart attacks can also be related to a bad diet and poor nutrition. However, it is possible to have a heart attack that was caused by a person’s job. If you suffered a heart…

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10 Sep

Workers’ Compensation for Fights on the Job

If you suffer an injury in the course of your job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. However, it all depends on how you suffer the injury. If it was during a fight, you may or may not be eligible. This is why it is so important to discuss…

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26 Aug

Strategies Workers’ Compensation Insurers May Use to Fight a Workers’ Comp Claim

Sometimes it is difficult to recover workers’ compensation benefits because the insurance company is actively trying to avoid paying. There are various strategies they may use to try to discredit you or downplay your injury to deny you benefits. The…

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12 Aug

Workers’ Compensation for Lung Problems Caused by Your Job

If you work in an environment that exposes you to gases, dust or fumes, you could develop respiratory problems. You should not ignore these issues and just accept them as part of your job. If a doctor can confirm your health problems were caused by your…

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