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15 Jul

California Workers' Compensation With Regard To Cancer Patients

It has been estimated that approximately 48,000 cancer patients in California and throughout the United States become ill due to occupational exposure to carcinogens every year. When a person is injured or becomes ill in the workplace, he or she is typically…

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07 Jul

California Officials Investigate Industrial Workers' Accidents

An investigation remains ongoing in a recent California tragedy. Industrial workers' accidents sometimes occur when pieces of machinery malfunction or other negligence occurs in the workplace. In this case, a worker lost his life because of equipment…

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02 Jul

Statistics For Workplace Accidents Include California Workers

Throughout the workforces of the nation, some jobs pose more of a hazard and danger to employees than others. A recent study suggests that workplace accidents occur two times more often among those who work in recycling centers than in the average workplace…

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23 Jun

Construction Workers' Accidents Can Cause Significant Injuries

Some construction jobs in California and elsewhere present a certain amount of risk and danger to workers. Sometimes, during the course of duty in the workplace, something goes wrong and construction workers' accidents occur. Depending upon the circumstances…

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18 Jun

What To Do After Workplace Accidents In California

California workers have the reasonable right to assume that their workplace environments are maintained in such a way that the safety of workers is protected. They should also receive proper training and instruction for any task or duty they are asked…

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11 Jun

OSHA Looks Into Construction Workers' Accidents In California

When a worker is injured in a construction accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration often conducts an investigation into the incident. Some Californiac onstruction workers' accidents result in life-threatening injuries to those involved.…

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29 May

California Industrial Workers' Accidents Can Result In Citations

In Nov. 2014, a tragic accident occurred in California while a worker was attempting to clean a piece of machinery at the company where he was employed. Industrial workers' accidents sometimes result in catastrophic injuries, and some lead to citations…

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19 May

Falls At The Workplace: A Top-Shelf, Constant Safety Concern

Birds fly. People don't, which is an obvious reason why workplace safety officials and regulators steadfastly focus on adequate protections being in place for employees working at heights. Falls are consistently highlighted as a predominant safety concern…

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