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13 Jan

Recycling Plant Outside California Fined For Workplace Accidents

Employers are obligated to provide safe working environments and proper training for their employees. Workers in California and beyond often perform duties that involve a certain amount of risk; however, they may reasonably expect that their employers…

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04 Jan

5 Signs Your Workplace May Not Be Safe

Is your workplace safe? Employers have a responsibility to ensure that a workplace is free from hazards and unsafe conditions. But what constitutes a hazardous or unsafe workplace? Here are some signs to look for: Lack of safety equipment: Has your…

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23 Dec

Failure To Report Workplace Accidents Can Lead To Citations

Employers are obligated to provide safe working environments for employees. In addition to ensuring that work areas are clear of hazardous conditions, proper training and supervision must be provided for every worker, no matter what job is being done.…

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15 Dec

California Construction Workers' Accidents Result of Safety Issues

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous fields of employment in the nation. There are various risks inherent in many of the duties associated with such work. California construction workers' accidents are often safety-related. As in all…

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10 Dec

Industrial Workers' Accidents Sometimes Lead To OSHA Fines

Employers in California and throughout the United States are obligated by law to provide safe working environments for their employees. Such obligations include the necessity to provide proper training for any given position, as well as maintain all machines…

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01 Dec

California Workplace Accidents Can Be Quite Unexpected

California is home to hundreds of thousands of commuters. Various jobs include personal safety risks, depending on the duties and circumstances typically associated with the positions. In some situations, unexpected workplace accidents can cause serious…

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24 Nov

Has Your California Workers' Compensation Claim Been Denied?

California workers sometimes suffer injuries on the job that result in their being unable to work. Such workers often file claims in order to receive benefits that can help pay medical bills and replace lost wages. Many times, workers' compensation claims…

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16 Nov

Seeking Legal Help After California Industrial Workers' Accidents

In an incident that took place in a state outside California, a longshoreman has filed a legal claim after suffering bodily injury on the job. Industrial workers' accidents such as this one sometimes result in third party legal claims being filed. The…

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