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27 Dec

Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available for Mesothelioma?

Symptoms of mesothelioma may not show up until decades after a worker was exposed to asbestos. Victims may want to pursue compensation and may have questions about whether workers’ compensation may be available. Below, learn more about this complex issue…

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20 Dec

How Do Doctors Determine When Healing of an Injury Has Ended?

Once healing of a work injury stops, doctors can determine if the worker has a permanent impairment and if he or she can return to work without limitations. Below, learn more about what it means when healing has stopped and how your physical condition…

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13 Dec

What Happens if You Return to Work on Temporary Disability and Suffer Another Injury?

Sometimes injured workers can return to work in a limited capacity. They can still collect temporary disability benefits while they are recovering and working differently than they did before. However, if the employee pushes things too much, he or she…

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10 Dec

What Happens if a Worker Dies While Pursuing Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Sometimes workplace injuries are so severe the victim does not survive. He or she may die at the scene of the accident or survive for weeks or months before passing away. Below, the attorneys at Berry, Smith & Bartell discuss claims for death benefits…

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29 Nov

What Happens When You Cannot Go Back to Your Original Job

If you were so severely injured that you can no longer work in the same job as before, California’s workers’ compensation system may provide compensation to help you work in a new job. Below, the Bakersfield workers’ compensation lawyers at Berry, Smith…

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22 Nov

What Types of Medical Care are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

California has specific regulations on the types of medical care that are covered by the workers’ compensation system. If doctors want to do something that does not fit these guidelines, you may be stuck paying out of pocket. Below, learn more about…

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07 Nov

Is the Doctor Chosen by the Workers’ Comp Insurer Biased Against Me?

In California, if you do not predesignate a doctor to treat you after a workplace injury, you are required to go to a doctor chosen by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. If you are concerned the doctor may be biased in favor of…

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28 Oct

Problems with Returning to Work Too Soon After an Injury

After a workplace injury, one question many workers have as bills pile up is: when can I get back to work? While it is understandable why employees want to get back to work, going back too soon can be a bad idea for a few reasons. Sometimes a doctor…

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